Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips For Sensitive Skin - 12 Strips

Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips For Sensitive Skin - 12 Strips

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What Are the Benefits of Veet Cold Wax Strips?





Unique Gel Texture

Enjoy the pleasant gel texture on the skin, delightful aroma and beautiful colour.

Captures Even 1.5 mm Hair

The gel texture flows around and actively grips the shortest hair (1.5mm), not the skin. Hair is removed from the root in just one go.

Up to 28 days of Smoothness

Veet easy-gelwax strips offer you long lasting smoothness, better than most depilation formats.

Quick and Easy

Veet easy-gel wax strips are non-messy and easy to use, with great results even for those inexperienced with cold wax strips.

4 Steps to Beautiful Touchably-Smooth Skin





Step 1: Peel the Strips

Thanks to the new gel formula, you no longer need to rub the strips between your hands. Just carefully peel the strips apart using the rounded easy-grip tabs.

Step 2: Apply the Strip

Be sure your skin is clean and dry. Then apply the strip with the rounded side of the tab in the direction of hair growth. Then rub it to make sure the wax adheres well.

Step 3: Pull the Strip

Hold your skin taut and grab the tab with the other hand. Pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth as quickly as you can and close to the skin rather than away from it.

Step 4: Clean

After waxing, if you feel the need, use the Veet perfect finish wipes included in the pack to clean your skin.


Why have I received half the number of strips vs. mentioned on the pack?

2 strips are stuck together as they are coated with GelWax. Please pull them apart before use.


How are Veet wax strips better than razors?

Veet wax strips remove hair from the roots as opposed to razors and provide longer lasting results i.e. for up to 28 days of smoothness. It is quick and there is less risk of cuts during use.


Which body parts can I use Veet wax strips on?

Veet wax strips are suitable for use on legs, arms, underarms and bikini line. Refrain from using it on the face, genitals or nipples. Also, take a patch test for your skin reaction before use.


What are critical post-use care instructions that I should follow?

We recommend waiting for 24 hours before using anti-perspirants, perfumes, anti-tanning equipment, swimming or sun bathing. Also, use the wipes provided in the pack or baby oil to remove stickiness.


  • 12 Strips
  • Unique Gel Texture
  • Captures Even 1.5 mm Hair
  • Up to 28 days of Smoothness
  • Quick and Easy
  • At home experience


  • Color: n/a
  • Main Material: n/a
  • Model: RCIT/18015

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